Pastors’ Tour – January 2023

In January the Hill Brothers hosted a second Pastors’ Tour to Israel. The first tour was in 2019. Most of our tour group had never been to Israel. The tour was sponsored by the NorthStar Church Network of northern Virginia. This network provided partial scholarships for pastors making their first trip to Israel. The Hill Brothers were delighted to again host this special tour. We continued to make new friends and shared many special moments. Here are just a few photos from the 2019 trip:

1 thought on “Pastors’ Tour – January 2023

  1. Thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage to Israel! I highly recommend these Hill Brothers as they intentionally plan meaningful and informative experiences along the way. I took copious notes, and am still processing and reflecting on the friendships made, Scriptures read, hymns sung, perceptions and observations made, and the amazing sites we saw. My spiritual life will never be the same, in a good way. The Bible has come alive and is more concrete to me. As a pastor, I can already sense an improvement to my study and sermon preparation. Practically speaking, the bus and driver were great; our highly educated guide(s) was outstanding; the accommodations lovely, and the food delicious. Too many inspiring highlights to specify! Thanks again for your preparation and special ministry!


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