Tour Videos

In January of 2019 the Hill Brothers hosted a Pastors’ Tour to Israel. Most of our tour group had never been to Israel. The tour was sponsored by the NorthStar Church Network of northern Virginia. This network provided partial scholarships for pastors making their first trip to Israel. The Hill Brothers were delighted to host this tour. We made new friends and shared many special moments. Joshua Wanderer produced this brief video record of the tour for these pastors. It shares just a few of the special moments and experiences each of our groups have as the make their pilgrimage to Israel.

NorthStar Church Network Pastors’ Tour in January 2019

Joshua Wanderer also produced this wonderful video record of the baptismal experience of these pastors. Many of our pilgrims re-enact their baptism in the Jordan River at the Yardenit Baptismal Site in northern Israel. It is a wonderful time of worship for the participants and for those observing the moment.

The video below was made at the Yardinet baptismal site on the Jordan River in Israel during our 2020 Tour of Jordan & Israel. Several members of the tour group renewed their baptismal vows.

Yardenit Baptismal Site on the Jordan River in Israel
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