The Hill Brothers

Spiritual Pilgrimages, Special Memories

Capernaum was the home base Jesus choose for his public ministry throughout Galilee. Visiting the synagogue and walking the streets he walked is always a special part of our pilgrimages. The Hill Brothers are hosted a second group of pastors from Virginia who are making their first trip to Israel in January of 2023. We are also receiving reservations for a tour of Israel and Jordan scheduled for January 18 – February 2, 2024. This will include our most extensive tour of Israel in more than 30 years of leading tours. We invite you consider joining us for this special tour.

Second Pastors Tour to Israel with NorthStar

In January of 2023 the Hill Brothers hosted a second Pastor’s Tour to Israel which was sponsored by the NorthStar Church Network of northern Virginia. Like our 2019 tour, this tour group included pastors most of whom had never been to Israel. The Hill Brothers were grateful for the opportunity to host a second tour on behalf of this network. We continue to make new friends as we explored Israel together. The following video was created by Francis Quang Phan.

Baptizing in the Jordan River

Many of our pilgrims renew their baptism in the Jordan River at the Yardenit Baptismal Site in northern Israel. It is a wonderful time of worship for the participants and for those observing the moment. The video below is from our 2019 Pastors’ Tour with the NorthStar Church Network in northern Virginia. Joshua Wanderer produced this brief video record of the baptismal experience for these pastors.

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