Future Tours


The Hill Brothers hosted a 12-day tour to Israel in January of 2023 for a group of pastors from Virginia. The tour departed on January 18th and returned on January 29th. The tour included some new “adventure” features including a few longer hikes, tunnels in the old city, and a full day in the Judean wilderness. A couple of these features were optional and there were some choices for those who preferred to skip the longer hikes.


The Hill Brothers are currently planning a tour to Israel and Jordan for January 18th through February 2nd. Further information about this tour and reservation instructions will be available soon. Check our website for more information.

Other Interests?

Do you have a group with a particular interest in a specific tour? Let us know. We may be able to plan a tour to match you interests.

Are you a pastor who would like to take some of your congregation to Israel, but you feel like you need help? We would happy for your group to partner with us on one of our tours, or we could help you host a tour just for your congregation.

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