2019 Evaluations

We Want Your Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve our tours, and we welcome your evaluation and suggestions. If you participated in the Pastors’ Tour to Israel sponsored by the NorthStar Church Network in January 2019, we hope you will participate in our evaluation poll. After you rate the tour experience you may click on comments and share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for helping us make our tours meaningful.

3 thoughts on “2019 Evaluations

  1. The trip to Israel was one of the best things that has happened in my life, it was a great experience to know the Holy Land. It was like a dream made real. God makes the impossible to be possible.
    I really recommend others to take the opportunity to visit the holy Land and to be blessed in knowing this place and to meet and know new people.


  2. This trip was beyond my expectations! My son wants to visit Israel in the future, and I will not hesitate to contact the Drew brothers.


  3. These guys are both fun and knowledgeable about Israel. They chose Bible passages to read at different locations. It made the Bible come alive. Seeing the geography where Jesus and the disciples lived helped me understand why they wrote the way they did and why they chose certain words. The land is all hills and valley and major encounters with God occurred on mountain tops so no wonder they looked to hills as though looking there to find God (Psalm 121:1). Highly recommend as a great Christian experience. I will never read the Bible the same way again.


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