Hill Brothers Tours would like to help you keep in touch with your new friends from your Holy Land pilgrimage.  One of the easiest ways to share with new friends is posting on the Hill Brothers Tours Blog or sharing your photos on the Hill Brothers Tours Photo Gallery.

Our Hill Brothers Tours web site provides two services for our tour participants.  We provide a Blog which provides a place to share about your trip experiences, to ask questions, and dialogue with new friends from the tour.  Click the Blog link below to view our Blog.  Post a comment or question.  Send us an e-mail with your name, address and phone number to info@hillbrotherstours.com if you have a question you would like to share privately.

Hill Brothers Tours Blog

We also provide a dropbox to allow our tour participants to share photos with other participants in the tour.  We will provide a link to the dropbox before the tour begins to allow participants to upload photos during the tour.  The dropbox will be available for a few months following the tour to allow a convenient way to exchange photos. 

Hill Brothers Tours Photo Exchange - Dropbox

Let us know if you have problems or questions regarding these services.  We look forward to hearing from you info@hillbrotherstours.com.


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