Small Intimate Groups

We keep our group size small (35 to 45 persons) which allows the tours to avoid the problems of larger tour groups.  We travel on one full service tour bus and we build friendships within the tour group.

Informal Study

We share together in times of scripture reading, prayer, singing and worship throughout the tour as we explore special places and our faith.  We have fun and fellowship together.

Deluxe Lodging and Travel Services

We work with first class, experienced tour companies and we use only deluxe hotels for lodging and meals.  We also travel with a tour company representative and outstanding tour guides.



Greece & Israel

We are hosting a tour group to Greece and Israel in 2018.  The tour will depart from Kansas City, St. Louis, or Washington, D. C. on January 14th and return January 29th.  The tour includes 5 days in Greece and 8 days in Israel.  The tour includes many sites from Paul's missionary journeys and an extensive tour of Israel.


 Turkey & Israel

We are anticipating a tour to Turkey and Israel as soon as safety and travel conditions improve in Turkey.  The tour will focus on the Seven Churches of the Book of the Revelation and a comprehensive of Israel.  The tour will include a visit to Ephesus one of most significant archeology sites of the ancient world.





We are currently planning a pastor's tour to Israel in 2019.  Dates have not been finalized, but we anticipate the tour will be scheduled in January.  Special discounts are available for pastors making their first trip to Israel.

Check back soon for more information regarding our plans.  We invite you to join us for a life-changing experience.



Click the link below to download the itinerary and tour information:

2018 Greece & Israel (January 14-29)

We work with our tour company to provide special opportunities for pastors who have never traveled to the Holy Land to participate in brief tours to Israel at a greatly reduced cost. 



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